Introduction, Heather Allen and Andrew Reynolds

Part I: Reading History Through Textuality

“Writing Orality: Turning Quechua into a Language of Religious Conversion,” Catalina Andrango Walker

“A Witch in the City: History and Textuality in 19th century Andes,” Walther Maradiegue

Part II: Textual Artifacts and Materialities

“Guaman Poma’s Library: Costume Books and the Illustration of an Indigenous Manuscript,” George Antony Thomas

“Sound, Text, Transmission: Latin American Textuality in the Early Era of Sonic Reproduction,” Sam Carter

“The Sudamericana Publishing House: An Analysis of Its 1969 General Catalogue,” Enrique Navarro

“The Postcard Poetics of Nicanor Parra’s Artefactos,” Rebecca Kosick

“Reading Images: Art, Aesthetics, and the Imagery of the Future in Argentine Science Fiction,” Silvia Kurlat Ares

Part III: Digital Textualities, Media and Editing

“Discourse or Database? Theorizing the Electronic Edition of Antonio de León Pinelo’s Epítome de la biblioteca oriental y occidental, náutica y geográfica,” Clayton McCarl

“Do Borges’ Librarians Have Bodies?,” Zac Zimmer

“The Graphic Novel and Digital Media in Latin America,” Edward King

Afterword, Dana Leibsohn